Kenna Whitwell / "A Biochemist's Perspective"

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Kenna Whitwell / "A Biochemist's Perspective"

Post by Rosie34567 » Tue Feb 11, 2020 11:29 pm

Does anyone watch her? She does vids about beauty products but "from a biochemist's perspective." I think she gained most of her subs after that Jaclyn Hill scandal with the lipsticks.

I used to like her because she seemed humble (and seemed qualified). However, when I googled her, she's 21 and had just graduated from undergrad when she started making, even though she technically has a degree and is "qualified", I think it's VERY misleading how she claims to be a "biochemist" (as if she's had years of experience in the field...and it sort of implies that she might have a graduate-level degree). :roll:

I find it a little sketchy how she won't recommend products (which I actually appreciate), BUT she has no problem mentioning her own skincare line. She also mentioned that she used to put essential oils in her own product line (which were known irritants) and only removed them after people asked her to...which makes me question why someone who is so "qualified" would make a skincare product like that to begin with?

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Re: Kenna Whitwell / "A Biochemist's Perspective"

Post by SPF5000 » Thu Feb 13, 2020 3:01 pm

I stopped watching when she started with that whole "science babe" angle...i find that term so cringe for some reason. My husband is a professor in molecular cell biology and genetics, and most of his female colleagues do not want to be "science babes", and are tired of being sexualized instead of people just taking them seriously and focusing on their research.

I had no idea that she is just 21 or around there. I thought shed be in her late 20's. I wonder if her uni program had some sort of practicum and she's using that as her "work experience" to make it seem as though she's more qualified than what she is. She makes it sound like she's an expert in the industry.

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Re: Kenna Whitwell / "A Biochemist's Perspective"

Post by MakeupByNobody » Tue Feb 18, 2020 9:10 am

Science Babes is soooo cringe. I am also really curious about gossip related to her leaving the company for her old skincare line, seems like there may be some bad blood there.

Also was anyone else surprised that she's engaged after dating that guy for four months? Not entirely judging, mainly surprised. Overall I like her, have also noticed some weird things that previous posters have mentioned and really hope she doesn't end up like all other beauty youtuber's shilling sponsored stuff... time will tell.

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