Black Mirror Season 5: Ready to throw hands

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Black Mirror Season 5: Ready to throw hands

Post by Pistachiyo » Wed Jun 12, 2019 8:40 pm

Anyone else just.. extremely disappointed?

Striking Vipers... 80% Vanilla Sex and a weird "happy" ending

Smithereens... 90% waiting paired with british accents to distract us from the fact that we're just watching people waiting.. and a depressing message that was too real and straight forward for comfort.

Rachel, Jack, and Ashley too..... ngl I was entertained but it was still stupid with the dumbest ending ever and it was nothing like black mirror. I'm guessing it was intended to play out like a disney movie which makes it better but It was still very odd. That song is really good though I can't even lie.

If season 6 is as bad as this one I don't want it to even be released.

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Re: Black Mirror Season 5: Ready to throw hands

Post by TeddySerious » Tue Jul 16, 2019 8:13 pm

I feel like they dropped the ball bigtime.
All three episodes had great ideas, but the direction they went in was awful.
I just think after all the praise and awards with Season 3 the writing went to hell. It’s a shame, but this series peaked at Season 3.

I wish Amazon would give Electric Dreams another season. I loved it.
You must be like the only 40 year old in this group because no-one ever understands any of your analogies lol a former GG member

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