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Angela Benedict

Post by loneokami » Sun Mar 10, 2019 9:19 pm

I was browsing GG and only noticed Angela in one forum (YouTube Goths/Alternative People) mentioned a handful of times. I know she doesn't have a very large following so I decided to construct a post about her for anybody on here who identifies as goth/alternative and has seen her content and is currently or formerly subscribed to her.
Like some have mentioned in the YT goth forum, Angela seems forever stuck in the 90's and is always labeling others as 'elitists' when she herself acts like one too. She's been annoying me lately with her pretentiousness and arrogance. She uploaded a new video today titled, 'Influencers Are Role Models Whether They Want It Or Not'; I am not aware of the origin of the drama, but I am going to infer it was from a ItsBlackFriday video since she was the YouTuber mentioned specifically in her video. My problem with Angela began when I started scrolling through the comments... a young man commented and said that he enjoyed wearing KillStar (and clothes make him happy) and joked around and said people are just jealous he can afford it. I, personally, took it as a joke and didn't think he intended it to be serious (as he later stated in his responses to Angela and other angry fans). I know that it's impossible to infer the intentions of a comment sometimes, but like I said, he specified later it wasn't meant to be serious and that he grew up with no money (I believe he was making a point that goth isn't about the fashion, so why does it matter if people wear Killstar?).
Of course, Angela responded and accused him of poor shaming and THEN (here's where she really grinded my gears) proceeded to tell the young man that she can buy and sell him in a heartbeat --- which makes her not only sound like a giant bitch, but a hypocrite as well.
What are your thoughts and opinions on her?

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Re: Angela Benedict

Post by soul reaper » Mon Mar 11, 2019 10:43 pm

Buy and sell him in a heartbeat.....that really changes my opinion of her. I get that she’s more of a trad goth but that doesn’t mean people who wear Killstar are all posers. I must be in the same age group, maybe a little younger, taking her timelines into account, and even I have a few things from them though I lean more geek goth/J-goth. If it’s not about brands then who tf cares? I always thought the core of being goth, even beyond the music and art and literature, was a deep appreciation with the beauty in darkness and darkness in beauty. I forget who said that but it resonated with me. It must resonate with Angela too, since she talks about music that spoke to her soul, so who cares if this dude in the comments was wearing what has quickly become a much-maligned brand? I do Gothic Lolita and you hear this brand vs. off-brand shit all the time. It gets tiring real fast.

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Re: Angela Benedict

Post by Smashkitten » Tue Mar 12, 2019 12:45 pm

The origin of the drama is that the bigger goth channels (with IBF and Toxic Tears being the ones singled out) are essentially like goth QVC doing constant unboxings and hauls with no music or culture related content. People are complaining that being a goth is too expensive. I really don't like Toxic Tears channel because it is all hauls and unboxings (except for the odd occasion she stops to complain about her life), and I don't really watch IBF, but there are a tonne of smaller goth channels who talk about DIY and thrifting.

So basically the goth public is deciding the channels it likes and they are the ones that have grown. *shrug* I don't think you can really blame specific Youtubers for that when that's what gets the clicks, so that's where I think Angela Benedict is wrong. People choose to watch the channels that are pretty materialistic and show lots of pretty items. I also immediately dislike when people partner with brands like Shein. I'm sure Killstar isn't ethically made either, but Rosegal, Shein, etc etc are SO cheap there must be some serious ethical issues let alone the fact that half the people that order never get their shit or get shit that is terrible quality.

I think this is the unfortunate state of all subcultures TBH. Older generations are gatekeeping like crazy. You see it with metal and geek culture as well. In the case of goth people lament the subculture dying but they're also super judgemental about younger people who want to get into the subculture. As for Killstar, I like some items, some I think are tacky as hell. What I don't get is the complaints about price. Sure if you're a broke 18 year old it might be out of your budget, but it's really not much different than your average high street fast fashion brand. Something being out of your budget isn't the same as it being expensive IMO. You can save to buy a few of their items and then thrift or buy budget items to go with it even if you are only a kid. Or you can thrift and DIY like all the rest of us did/do. I don't think I would've considered a £50 dress that expensive even when I was in early 20s. I remember coveting amazing dresses that cost hundreds.

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