The 'Sly Digs' Thread

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The 'Sly Digs' Thread

Post by WORDSALAD » Mon Feb 11, 2019 8:45 am

Every time a YTer criticises another openly (for whatever reason-- see poor ol' Kiki Chanel), there's a veritable avalanche of hateful minions directed at them and the drama channels have a field day. So I've noticed the Gooroooos I watch (granted these tend to be smaller channels) have started to criticise one another in very sly, backhanded, passive-aggressive or in-passing ways. If you read some of my posts in the trash forum you'll see they're littered with examples of this- because it is these sly digs that more often than not reveal the hypocrisy/poisonous jealousy/plain old rivalry lurking insidiously at the heart of the YT community in general.

I just clocked Paulina Beauty (one of my former favourites who, alas, I just unsubscribed to for one of my pet peeves - selective outrage about dupe palettes) having a sly dig at Lauren Mae Beauty. Lauren recently did a sponsored video with W7 (one of the coolest sponsored videos I've ever seen, actually, as she spent half of the entire video talking about products from them she DIDN'T like!) followed swiftly by an interesting, nuanced take on dupe makeup. Those two videos were very well received and got tonnes of views and lots of positive engagement. Out of all the brands Paulina could think of to take aim first at in her critique of dupe palettes* (MUR seem to be the target of choice for most Goorrooooss these days - mostly thanks to Twati) she picked.... W7 8-) 8-) 8-)

I kinda love spotting these, it's like a drinking game. Take a swig every time someone says something nonchalantly petty or backhandedly bitchy.

Of course I could be reading far too much into this - I just really enjoy these moments. Anybody else feel me? If you do, list the occasions (recent or notable) that you've spotted this and had an AH-HA!

*She put this in an 'unpopular opinions' video. Since when has not liking dupes been an UNPOPULAR opinion for all the brand shills?? :rofl:
"The power of accurate observation is commonly called cynicism by those who do not have it." 😎

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