Kandy Foxx

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Kandy Foxx

Post by sharpie123 » Mon Feb 11, 2019 8:18 am

This woman is a mess. She is in her 30s, but acts like a 12 year-old. In her latest video, she is putting on makeup while high. She is trying way too hard to be edgy and cool.

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Re: Kandy Foxx

Post by Kcat89 » Mon Feb 11, 2019 10:04 am

Was thinking about starting a page for her, so thanks for getting the ball rolling.

Found Kandy a few months after she started her channel, I think she came up as a recommended video for a try-on haul that got hundreds of thousands of views, and even though I am nowhere near her size, something about her personality had me watching more. She seemed down to earth, kinda fun and quirky, she could laugh at herself, and watching her figure out makeup and clothes was fun. She is in no way a beauty guru, not like she ever claimed she is, but her application is still terrible - she's just so sloppy with it. Same as her clothing choices. Most of her clothes seem too tight and clingy, but she never mentions needing to go up from a 5x to a 6x. These things are fine, but her personality has really changed, and she appears to be ignoring / contradicting many things about herself lately.

She claims she is perfectly healthy for being extremely overweight, but then she is always having some sort of medical drama. She has PCOS, has had multiple UTIs, often has stomach aches / headaches, now she has heartburn, sleeps with a CPAP machine, and if she's out at a store she's always sitting because she's tired from walking around, just to name a few things. She doesn't connect any of these problems to her weight, and sure she might have them all if she weighed in the 100s too, but she never really seems to think weight might play a factor. She shows healthy cooking and says she gives most sweets and candy she is sent to work, but from other things she's said and what she posted on her CA vlog, I think there's a bunch of alcohol and food binging we aren't shown. She doesn't have to show us, but she dismisses it like it isn't a problem.

Which leads to her talks about struggling with mental illness, particularly being bipolar. She and her doctor are working on finding meds that work for her, yet she continues to drink, and now smokes, which she has been told not to do since it affects her medication. She pointed out it's legal in her state, but that doesn't mean it's recommended that she do it. Her stans say she can do no wrong and she's perfectly healthy the way she is, and it's like it's gotten to her head that any problem in her life doesn't result from her actions.

She is mostly really open about what's going on in her life, and I that's what I enjoy about her, but now it really is like she needs to grow up. And getting high while putting on makeup, after she called out sick from work, is not helping her do that.

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