whatihearttoday Lilly Pebbles Part 3

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Re: whatihearttoday Lilly Pebbles Part 3

Post by Alka »

lisi wrote:I really enjoyed her Q&A video. She seem very real and down to earth and I honestly believe she, out of all the youtubers I watch, is the only one who is not just in it for the money. I think she really enjoys creating new content, and the overall filming and editing process. What she said about not wanting to just sit there and talk about stuff but rather taking the camera with her while still enjoying her life makes a lot of sense to me and I think it shows in her videos. I know she is moans and bitches a lot in her vlogs but I'd rather see that than someone who takes her real personality out of it all together. Everything she said about missing an actual office job and interacting with co workers makes so much sense, and it's definitely an experience most youtubers who never had an actual job would have definitely benefitted from...

To me at least, with this video she accomplished to show a sort of realness again in explaining why and how she does and views youtube, something that Fleur tried and failed to do with her recent behind the scenes video. The difference between Fleur and Lily is very apparent now I think, Fleur is in it for the money, 9 days out of 10 she is travelling for no reason just because she gets paid to, she hardly ever does non sponsored content like her makeup tutorials she used to do back in the day or videos about yankee candles, primark PJs etc.. Lily at least knows the value of money (no honeymoon vs instagrammable flat) and that her life, family, friends and fiancé are more important than youtube..... :tu:
what? Lily knows value of money? Lives in a shoe box sized flat, but buys a bunch of designer hand bags? Come on... I know property in London is expensive and she lives in expensive area, I live in London too, I know how hard it is to afford bigger sized properties, but I do not see priorities there. She still wastes money that could be invested in her future. If I lived in that tiny flat, I'd be saving up to move somewhere bigger, not buy chanel, YSL and celine bags.

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Re: whatihearttoday Lilly Pebbles Part 3

Post by Gurubydaygossiperby »

rhi14 wrote:
Alka wrote:what struggles did you want to see? just curious... I had some hardships in my life, but I bet I would come off just like Lily in my draw my life... She had a death in the family, some bullying, risk of cancer with her and her dad's birthmarks, her sisters didn't want her to be born and I'm sure there was some issues there too, takes older siblings a while sometimes to accept the younger one. Cushy life? Sure, but nothing out of the ordinary for middle class kid. Wait, I take that back, I grew up in post USSR territory with unemployment rates of 90% with people starving, I guess I do know the struggle, but I was too young to really know it and my parents did a great job at sheltering us from it. Maybe Lily's did as well?

I don't think anyone wants her to have suffered, it just hits the nail on the head when you look at other youtubers like Amelia or Fleur or Ruth Crilly. Lily is really negative and moany in comparison, you don't often get such negative vibes from the others, even though they're all middle class with the same career and lifestyle as her, be it at different ages. I just looked at Lily's twitter and there's two recent tweets where she's moaning - one about how much effort the DML was, the other about a crappy Monday morning. Everyone's allowed to moan some of the time, but with her it's just so bloody constant and it completely overshadows her content. And with a lot of viewers it just highlights how good her life is compared to theirs. I don't think she's a bad person, it would just be nice to see her a bit more grateful, and a little more humble and appreciative of her lifestyle, other than saying thanks with a DML.
Umm ... Amelia is not from a middle class family, her family is quite wealthy.

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