What do you think about Youtubers who delete all of their videos out of nowhere without telling their audience?

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What do you think about Youtubers who delete all of their videos out of nowhere without telling their audience?

Post by kittycat96 »

This is something I was wondering about for a while.
I noticed it with Cutiepiemarzia, who decided to keep her channel, but deleted all of her videos, so it's completely empty now.

I also noticed this with a German YouTuber called einfach inka, who I really enjoyed watching from 2015 to 2017. Her videos were pretty miscellaneous, but most of them were about girl's/women's issues, sexuality, relationships, intimacy and a little bit of beauty stuff here and there.

She has now deleted pretty much all of her videos except 4 that are still there and she didn't make any kind of statement or video about it. Just deleted them without at least warning her viewers.
I don't know how to feel about this. Isn't it kinda disrespectful towards your audience to just delete everything out of nowhere without telling them beforehand? Especially if you have tens, let alone hundreds of thousands of subscribers? Inka has 180.000.
Some people have their comfort channel and their favorite videos they come back to and if you know that one of your favorite channels is going to delete everything, you might want to have some time to download a few of your favorite videos. And it wasn't like her videos were controversial or had some immature content, they were all pretty tame.

Also, your videos were the thing that drew people's attention to you and your work in the first place, so you're just going to clear your past that was the foundation to your current success and popularity?
Einfach inka for example became popular due to her channel and now she's writing young adult novels. I'm pretty sure most people who bought and read her books are people who knew her from YouTube and who were fans of her channel. So now when you go to her Instagram, there are only links to her books, but the YouTube videos are all gone. Is it weird that this seems kinda...wrong to me?

Like if you want to delete them, sure, but at least tell your fans beforehand or make a short Insta story about it, something! She could have at least made a quick statement along the lines of "I want to begin a new chapter in my life and I'm tired of YouTube, so I'm going to delete my videos because I can't relate to them anymore" or something like that.

Then again, it's her channel, so she's free to do with it whatever she wants without justifiying it to her subscribers. She doesn't really owe her subscribers anything, but it would have been an empathetic thing to do imo.

What do you guys think? I'm curious to read your opinions on this. I'm kinda torn in between tbh.

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Re: What do you think about Youtubers who delete all of their videos out of nowhere without telling their audience?

Post by BornThisWay94 »

There's quite a few YT'ers that I watched back in the day who's videos I really enjoyed and would go back and rewatch again and again, mainly just for nostalgia/comfort reasons and sadly, quite a bit of them have either privated or completely removed most of their videos. I wish they would've given a heads up tbh. I remember Bethany Mota privated almost all her old, nostalgic videos awhile ago without telling anyone and people got really upset and other channels were literally re-uploading them so people could watch them again. She eventually put them back up, but I think part of the reason she took them down to begin with was because she was grown and possibly felt embarrassed of her past self? Who knows. There's sooooo many videos from YouTubers I wish I could go back and rewatch, but sadly they're gone :(

2010-2018 YouTube was so much different than it is now.

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