What are you thankful for?

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What are you thankful for?

Post by RoseHammer »

I know Thanksgiving isn't celebrated by everyone, but I think it's healthy for all of us to take a moment and be grateful for the things we have. I feel that too many people are preoccupied with what they want, and while it's awesome that many of us have a drive to move onto better things, taking a step back can help change your perspective.

What I'm thankful for:

Having a roof over my head. Clean water, good food, a warm place to sleep and a fair amount of privacy. All my gadgets such as my stereo, Ipod, smartphone laptop, and internet access 24/7. I'm grateful for having money to spend on books, paint, and makeup as well as nice clothes. And I'm glad I have access to proper medical care.

I'm thankful for the fact that I'm reconnecting with my family after years of struggling to forgive their faults, I finally feel happy and am getting along better with them. I'm glad they bought me pets and toys when I was little, and made sure I never went hungry. They accepted my alternative taste in music, art and movies. ( As well as putting up with my beyond shitty behavior I exhibited in my early teen years. Shoplifting, anyone?) I know plenty of parents who would have ostracized me or even disowned me for being who I am.

I'm thankful for the opportunities I have to better myself, such as my college and internships. Many people in the world, especially women like myself don't even have the option.

I'm thankful for my friends who have stuck with me during the hard times, as well as my boyfriend who I've also endured a few bad times with, but our love was strong enough to withstand it. He's one of my best friends and I feel lucky to have him in my life. I also love my two dogs and my cat. Especially my cat. :HK:

So, what are you guys thankful for? And you don't have to write a novel like I did.

Oh! And I'm thankful for GG! I've gotten great advice and a lot of laughs from you girls <3
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Re: What are you thankful for?

Post by sapage89 »

Well. First off, I had an allergic reaction during the weekend so I am super thankful for epipens and Benadryl and being able to breathe again.
My pet raccoon Sassy, with my allergic reaction and Addison's disease, she literally lights my world up and makes me happy. She acts more like a child than an animal.
Hunting! I know a lot of people never have the chance to harvest a deer and its something that I do take for granted.
My kindle. Seriously. That thing can hold so many books and it's easy to take just about anywhere.
My family allowing me to move back in after I broke up with my cheating now ex boyfriend.
I'm thankful for the no contact order that I have against said ex boyfriend so he can no longer threaten or harass me.
Last one:
Hot coffee on a cold morning. :)

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Re: What are you thankful for?

Post by Rosewynn »

1) The first year I didn't have to have surgery; in the past 5 years.
2) My mom being my best friend. I feel so sorry for those who don't have that kind of relationship for whatever reason.
3) Finding an awesome doctor who is understanding of my disease when so many before him failed me.
4) My dogs. They have seen me through the best and worst times of my life and have sometimes given me a reason to just not give up on life.
5) That with each passing year I care less and less about what other people think of me. It kills me how much I missed out on when I was a teenager simply because I was terrified of being judged.

Have a happy Thanksgiving (or just a great day in general if you don't celebrate) all! :hugs:

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Re: What are you thankful for?

Post by growlithe »

The man who sleeps beside me every night, cooks me dinner, takes me out and shows me off to the world, and doesn't try to run away when I'm having a hard time.
The friends who have my back no matter what, and understand me for the most part.
The uni that allowed me to come study with them, to complete a fantastic degree under the instruction of some really great people. Many of my classmates will complain about the school, but to be honest, I've had the best time here, both inside and out of class, and I'm going to miss it.
I may be unemployed (and obviously looking) right now, but I'm thankful that my dad helps out with bills. Hopefully he'll let me pay him back when I can. He deserves something nice. He works a lot, but if he's home, he'll also always pick up the phone when I call him. He learned to use Skype so we could talk more easily. And he believes in me, perhaps more than anyone does.
My mom and my brother drive me bananas, but at least they're consistent about it, and they're always there when I need them as well. And I wouldn't be anywhere without my whole family.
I live in a nice apartment with clean water, electricity, and a freezer full of food. My flatmate is fantastic and wonderful, and she has a very friendly cat. We're happy here on Paradise road.
We live in a lovely city with lots to do, and that's great as well. Even when we've not got any money, the library and the art museum, which are free, provide an escape for us.
I've got skills and experience. And hopefully that will set me apart.
I didn't have to have my leg chopped off 2 years ago. I can still run, dance, and tumble. My eczema hasn't been very bad lately, so I can go to the pool. My knees and my hips are bad, but I can work through pain.
Everything will be just fine.

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Re: What are you thankful for?

Post by Kizz »

1. My mum. She is fantastic and I've been through a few shit things this month and shes supported me 100%; when she didn't know how, she tried her hardest. She is the best mum in the world.

2. My boyfriend. He drives me insane half the time but I couldn't imagine life without him, he makes me smile and encourages me to do my best in everything. I can't imagine where I'd be now if I hadn't met him!

3. The roof over my head. I have a warm home, heating, running water, electricity, gas and a comfortable bed. I've only recently realised how lucky i am!

4. My education. I live in a country where getting an education is a given and I'm thankful for that. I've got a degree in biomedical science now that I wouldn't have been able to achieve had i been born into a country where girls/children don't get schooled!

5. Life. Cheesy one but I'm thankful that I have life. I may not appreciate it all the time when depression hits or things get tough but when I'm above water I'm happy to be alive!

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Re: What are you thankful for?

Post by ruby_x »

Above all else, I'm thankful for my family. This time last year, my dad was extremely ill, and I'm grateful beyond all words that he has made a full recovery. Just having him here, and healthy, is the best thing I could ask for. <3

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Re: What are you thankful for?

Post by sha1234 »

Great thread idea RoseHammer.

It's been a shitty year but I am thankful for what I have:
My dad still being alive. You've been a rock all my life and taken care of us, guided us, taught us many life lessons.
My mom stepping up and being the rock this past year to my dad, my siblings and I.
Having a secure job for the past 15 years.
A roof over my head. A warm place to sleep. Food.
Having both my legs...2 hands, all my fingers, toes, eyes & ears that work
My health
My friends who have my back no matter what.
A close bond with my family, despite our many, many, disagreements and blow outs. When push comes to shove, we are there for each other.

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