TheBeautyTHIEF1211 Amanda "Thou Shall Not Steal" Ensing -- Part 8

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Re: TheBeautyTHIEF1211 Amanda

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HolyPoly wrote:
kkapowski wrote:
TeddySerious wrote:Do you ladies want to make a new thread? This one is pretty long!

Btw, her hair is awful...just no!

Let me know if you guys come up with a new thread and I’ll lock this one. :love2:
My suggestion would be something like: TheBeautyCatfish #youdontlooklikethat

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Seconded! My hashtag *sniffle* lmao

And I’m thinking of uploading it to YouTube and leaving the link here, what do you all think? I’ll put it on private after everyone’s seen it lol
I don’t know spanish and I thought it sounded wrong! She definitely didn’t say the n!

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Re: TheBeautyTHIEF1211 Amanda

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Ok I created you guys a new thread. Remember, any of you can do this—you don’t need to be a mod! We usually try to do it around page 40-41.



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