How much should be put on Facebook?

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Re: How much should be put on Facebook?

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thanks guys for you input on the whole posting pictures of your kids on facebook. like I said I don't see anything wrong with it. I know when I have my first child I'm probably gonna lose friends over the amount of pictures that I post. lol

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Re: How much should be put on Facebook?

Post by ggeyeliner »

Being mother myself I am not fan of it. I do not have single picture of my children on Facebook and I do not plan to do it in future either.
But I do think it is okay if that album have privacy settings... Like only family sees them. But if they are open to everyone... I don't know :/

Did you guys read that news how some people had commun on facebook where they put up random pictures of babies what they found on facebook from random people accounts whos pictures were public... And then they commented them very rude way(like ugly and fat) and nobody couldn't do anything because those pictures were public and they didn't do anything wrong.
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