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Krishnan T started this petition to United States Supreme Court
Guru Gossip is a crass message board for people to gossip about influencers and other celebrities. Similar to how everyone is entitled to their own opinion, people are also entitled to live their lives the way they want to without being judged. Guru Gossip promotes judging others and bringing them down with their point system (the more likes your posts get, the higher your rating goes up), which is completely unjust. Guru Gossip also has several forums on their website dedicated to influencers that are still minors. Within these forums, minors (as well as adults) are being body-shamed and criticized for their decisions.

On this website, there are countless examples of slander and defamation as well. Although slander is illegal and a criminal offense in some countries, this website continues to encourage it and does not monitor its forums to make sure no one gets slandered. People on the internet can be easily influenced by things that read, true or not true. Guru Gossip forums contain countless fake stories and claims, which people may believe upon reading. Upon reading these fake claims, people have attacked influencers online and cyberbullied them in the past. Even though influencers are in the public eye all the time, they are still entitled to privacy and safety, just like everyone else. Guru Gossip endangers these rights.

Additionally, while everyone is allowed to express their opinion on the internet, there is a limit to how crassly a person can speak about someone. There is a huge difference between expressing an opinion and wanting to see a person fall. Guru Gossip encourages bringing down influencers and destroying their careers with their rating system. So, to protect the basic rights of influencers and celebrities (who are humans like us) as well as making the internet a safer place, shutting down Guru Gossip is the first step.

First of all Krishnan T - Your opinion, of us and statements made above in your petition, seem to be very hypocritical. If an influencer is already in the public eye, on a social media platform, then there is no reason we shouldn't be allowed free speech, Just as you are. We highly frown on many of the behaviors you suggest. We monitor the community daily and you seem to be the one cyber bullying. We do not endanger or attack others, you are making things up. There is no limit on crass. You just feel entitled for whatever reason and think that your opinion is more valid than an entire community.

If you don't like another's opinion, you don't have to visit the site or read the content. We have no need for you here.

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