Sophie Shohet

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Re: Sophie Shohet

Post by toperella » Sat Apr 20, 2019 3:55 am

I know personal taste is very subjective but oh my the jewelry she makes.. wow..

Hey yeah Holly
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Re: Sophie Shohet

Post by Hey yeah Holly » Wed Apr 24, 2019 10:12 am

Out of all the YouTubers Sophie seems the most real. Yes she loves the Dior logo a bit much but like others have said she seems to get joy out of her purchases and have other things going on in her life. Not just endless videos of her trawling around Harrods touching things.

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Re: Sophie Shohet

Post by Mdoc » Tue May 07, 2019 7:11 pm

Hmmmm I don't know about that. If I never see a video of hers titled Designer Good You Shouldn't Buy or something in a similar vein, where she shows the same handful of things again it will be too soon.

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Re: Sophie Shohet

Post by 2xblended » Wed Jun 12, 2019 1:07 am

I'm putting this in the rave thread because it seems more appropriate here than in her trash thread...

I loved watching her mail time in her latest video. I couldn't care less about the shopping bit but, she seemed so sincere in both reading her letters/people's stories and in her gratitude for the gifts she received. I found it really touching.

Compare her to someone like Sarahs_Day (whom I am vehemently against and who has received designer freebies but has never once expressed gratitude for them!) and you realise how rare it is these days that an influencer like Sophie takes the time to not only express gratitude, but to also read and write back to each of the followers contacting her. That's more than saying thanks, that's taking action to prove how grateful you are.

I also like that she's using her platform to promote small etsy shops when she likes their products. That can do a lot for someone who's just starting a business. She's giving back to her community in a more meaningful way than just sending out a package of PR giveaways, she's giving their businesses free promotion and some clout from her endorsement.

The whole mail time segment shows she's authentically building a relationship with her followers rather than pretending to know and care about them (re Sarah's Day :roll:).

Sophie may have her flaws with her reseller mentality but, I genuinely appreciate this side of her. Her engagement with her followers seems far more sincere than other influencers. It's refreshing! :tu:

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Re: Sophie Shohet

Post by DrySugar » Thu Jun 27, 2019 2:40 am

dont know if this should be in the rave or the trash thread, so bear with me while i post this on both threads.

i wish sophie would do more vlogs where we see her live her best life with luxury shopping and unboxing sprinkled in.

i feel like lately she has started to do more 'staged' luxury videos (like 'these are the best luxury bags to buy' or 'top 5 luxury items' or 'how to afford luxury') and these types of videos get boring after a while. i mean how many best/worst luxury items videos can a person do?

these types of videos put pressure on her to keep buying more luxury items so that she has something new to present more often.

in contrast her vlogs or even story times are more entertaining and authentic and i think that they would remove the pressure of having to constantly shop/spend money on bag after bag.

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Re: Sophie Shohet

Post by hollygolt » Tue Jul 02, 2019 7:44 pm

I agree- I found her a year or two ago- I'm not a person who can afford anything close to luxury- I need to pay my rent and that's about it. But I watch once in a while because it's a distraction and fun. At least Sophie used to be- and probably still is if she would stop doing so many "hauls" (not creative or interesting and way too much consumption!) and just do a diversified content like she used to. I almost never watch her anymore based on the titles of her videos- there are thousands of uninspired videos just like them.

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Re: Sophie Shohet

Post by icantevenwithpeople » Sat Aug 03, 2019 3:13 am

I hope Sophie reads this.
I really like her. I would watch her videos if she stayed home and vlogged her whole day.
But I very rarely check her channels the last 4 months because I find shopping videos boring.
I wish she would talk more about her work, acquiring business, and maybe how she dresses for work.
So more life - 70% and shopping 30%

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