Skin Care Routines

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Skin Care Routines

Post by PixyDesu » Mon Apr 23, 2018 7:03 am

After reading that Stephanie Nicole isn't reliable and has sold out, I feel like I can't trust ANY youtuber right now. Well at least not the bigger ones. I also noticed she uses a lot of ridiculously expensive products. I don't mind investing in my skin, but... a lot of the stuff just felt unnecessary. I'm fairly new to skin care routines (both for night and day) .
So with that being said, I want to know YOUR SKIN CARE ROUTINE *points* and YOUR SKINCARE ROUTINE *points* I WANT TO KNOW EVERYONE SKINCARE ROUTINES!! :bkiss:
Also, please feel free to link me to any sites you find useful, (I was on r/SkincareAddiction for Reddit but saw first hand shilling for something called Paula's choice? If someone has more insight on this or if I'm wrong, please let me know)
I'm also open to smaller youtubers
ALSO (I know I'm such a pain in the ass lol) Since I followed Steph Nicole's skin routine, I've had had my gripes with it, one being the beauty oils and WHEN to apply it. She uses it before she moisturizes, which is a hassle for me because beauty oil takes forever to settle into the skin (I don't have that type of time during the week), and now I don't know if Steph even knows what she's doing

BTW for reference, I use a lot of products from The Ordinary, I'm 34, I just started using over the counter retinol creams (please let me know your favorite retinol!), lastly I have normal skin with some acne/blemishes/clogged pores

Anywayyyyyy, thank you beautiful people in advance! Any and all help/tips is appreciated <3 (I'd love to know your favorite brands!)
( :love2: English is not my first language :love2: )

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Re: Skin Care Routines

Post by drowninginmusic1 » Mon Apr 23, 2018 7:46 am

Im 15, with oily/combination skin. I wash my face both in the morning and night with african black soap. In the morning i use the Clarins Lotion Tonique and the Umbrella Suncream for oily skin. At night I mix ACV with water and apply that as a toner and then also use the toner i mentioned after that. Then, i use an ointment for hyperpigmentation (will update when i find out the name). Every once in a while i'll use the aztec healing clay mask, the Advanced Clinicals vitamin C clay mask, the St Yves oatmeal mask/exfoliator or a homemade mask (milk, honey and oats).

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