Caroline Calloway / Instagram sensation

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Caroline Calloway / Instagram sensation

Post by corayam » Wed Dec 05, 2018 1:37 pm


I know a lot of people follow Caroline Calloway. Lets just speak our truth about her because she's quite a unique character on Instagram. My story with CC started two years ago when I discovered her Cambridge adventure and the whole #adventuresgram thing.

I was quite fangirling for few months, I've never seen anything like that before on the platform. Girl writing a novel on instagram, like wot ??

Recently I got a bit confused after digging informations about her (fangirl I told ya). More specifically I found this Cambridge students Tumblr and boi... their side of the story really confused me : ... e-calloway

I feel like I've been tricked into her narrative. The fact she moved to another college dorm probably because Downing dorm was more instagram material that her original college is a bit too much. She actually never told her audience about it. I still like her, she seems really sweet and fun to hang out with.

But I really don't understand what's been happening with the book deal situation She was stuck with her book deal that did not reflect who she was. Then she got out of the book deal, having to give back more than 100 000$. I'm like did she just give back the money ? Like WTF is she privileged enough to just do that without working ? I mean the girl never has a job !! or is she ? Or she just rents her apartment in the west village and lives with that money (which is so plausible) ? like it's sooooo confusing at this point. Is she going to write the book ever ?

I'm just like GIRL just tell the whole truth, and write the fucking book including the book deal situation ! I would buy the goddam book !!! This took the thing to a next level.

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Re: Caroline Calloway / Instagram sensation

Post by Bootyguru2 » Wed Mar 20, 2019 11:33 am

I really wish this thread took off. I was looking at articles of authors on IG and Caroline came up. I then quickly realized I used to follow her, and she grew a lot. I followed her in 2013-2014.... didn’t know about the book deal as I unfollowed her in 2014. She was so interesting back then, she is a prime example of what happens when people get famous. I don’t like her now.

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Re: Caroline Calloway / Instagram sensation

Post by sgomezdueso97 » Wed Mar 20, 2019 1:25 pm

I still love Caroline a lot but I went to her workshop in NYC which turned into quite the scandal

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